"I had been teaching yoga for quite some time but I didn't have a website and thought it was about time I got one. I'd had a play with creating one myself but hadn't got very far with it and needed some photos.

I didn't know Fran beforehand but I really liked the examples of her previous work, especially her scenic shots of yoga out and about in natural environments. I wanted my website to have a sense of calm inspired by nature so it just felt like the right choice. 

I have very much enjoyed the process of working with Fran. It is unusual to find a photographer who is also a yogi and knows what poses work well in a scene. When doing the photo shoot she was able to think ahead to what the website would need and was honest about what worked well and what didn't. Fran delivered the final images in only a few days and was already making a start on the website. During development of the website she was very responsive, helpful, open to feedback and able to suggest ideas and solutions. 

Fran is very creative and through her photos she is able to bring out the best in the environment as well as the yogi. However she doesn't lose sight of the business needs of the website striking a nice balance between these aspects.

It was great to have a completely joined up process of photography and website coming together seamlessly and resulting in a very aesthetically pleasing design... yet incorporating functional elements that make the website effective for a small business. Very happy with the result!"

Corinne, Curiously Calm

Scott Riles - Causeway Living

"Working with Fran gave me some of the building blocks that were used to build my whole company. I feel very fortunate to have met her right from my business' get-go. I didn't really have any reservations about this - I love working with Fran. She's got a great vibe, the right mix of professional and direct without feeling too intense. Other than enjoying the process, the results are second to none - incredible photography.

The best result I had from working with Fran was being able to create an online presence almost instantly with the amount of good content we created from just a few shoots."

Scott, Causeway Living

"I wanted to have beautiful photos and a new website that was visually appealing but I had no idea who to go to. There are too many options out there. The process of working with you has been been great, you've gone above and beyond and you've helped me get a better feel for my own brand. I feel you have been really interested in understanding my brand which is priceless. I am also really happy with the beautiful photographs you've provided, the support with various creative tasks that have arisen in my business. I am thrilled with my new, lead generating, and visually stunning website."

Marvin, Chill Winston Yoga