Deha Visuals - How to Plan Your New Website

So you're thinking about getting a new website? Where should you even start?! Funny you should ask - I have put together a little something to help you get a bit more clarity on the style and content of your site.

About Your Business

You'll need to start with some information about your business as it is at present. Maybe you already have a website, maybe you don't yet. Here, we'll take some time out to think about what feelings you are looking to elicit from your audience. Do you want to come across as adventurous? Would you rather be more meditative and calming? Do you want to come across as formal and professional? It's best to work this out before yo get started.

Checking Out the Competition

Next, you will get some clarity on who your ideal customer is and who else out there is already catering to them. The better you understand your ideal customer, the easier your marketing efforts and content mapping will be.

Your Website Conent

Now it's time to get down to the nitty gritty. What do you actually want to have on your site. Remember that too much information can overwhelm potential customers, so think carefully about how much you really need to put on your site. 

Perhaps you can look at having a separate FAQs page to answer the most common questions that people will have. Make sure that potential clients know that you are approachable and they can contact you with any further questions.

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