It all started with a 3 day juice fast...

... in fact, more accurately, it started with the start of a 3 day juice fast. I was so keen to be super kind to my body and spurred on by a small community of people doing a juice fast with Causeway Living. It got most of the way through the first day and then I started to feel super drained and realised that it would be a choice of 3 days of fuel for my health or for my business, and was VERY unlikely to be both. So I made a choice that those days would be better spent concentrating on Deha Visuals, at first this seemed to have been a good choice.

This week, however, has brought a bit of an unexpected revelation for me. Having come back from Thailand, I took a few days off and then dove straight in. I wanted to get through a tonne of stuff for Deha Visuals. I wanted to get some ducks in a row and hit the ground running. I wanted to work hard on my business in a way that aligned with my values: authenticity, connection and balance.

It is so easy to get lost in putting in as many hours as you can. Especially when you are a small business owner. Your business is your baby and you want to nurture it in every way you possibly can. We are even more likely to engage in these behaviours if we are going through something in other aspects of our lives. We have it drilled in to us that there is a direct link between the hours we put in and the level of success that we will have. It's not that there isn't some level of truth to this. We all know that we have to put effort in to get to where we want to be, but there must be a healthy middle ground.

But as wellness business owners, I believe that we need to take a step back. Can we really serve people to be happy, healthy and balanced if we are the polar opposite of that ourselves. Working ourselves into the ground may be a natural instinct for the small business owner, but in reality, it serves no one. If we don't reming ourselves of that, then probably no one will.

It's always a bit of a kicker when we are forced to realise that we are not living in alignment with our own vision. Beautiful, but a kicker. It was pointed out to me that by working so hard and grasping so much at what I wanted to create, I was moving further and further from my vision for my life and my business. Somewhat serendipitously, I came across this article posted by Tim Ferriss about a paddleboard company in San Diego which has cut its standard work day back to 5 hours to promote balance and productivity in its employees. Something clicked. This is the vision that I am working towards. I want to live a creative, healthy and balanced life and I want to create visuals that encourage others to do the same thing.

So this is my promise to myself: My default work week will be a 25 hour one, with plenty of space to practice yoga, meditate, move, get out in nature and spend time with myself and the people I love. I am going to prioritise balance and endeavour to live and work from the most authentic and balanced place possible. All of that, and I will do another juice fast, because anything that is good for me is good for my business.

Have you had similar struggles? What promises will you be making to yourself?