Meditation and later yoga were instrumental factors on my journey from being overweight with clinical depression to the healthy, happy and centred woman I am now.  My aim is to share the benefits of this type of inner work with the world, to encourage others to engage with it.

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I love people. I love to take photos. I love to work with blossoming small businesses and heart-centred individuals to convey the true internal and external beauty of their practice. 

My mission is to create imagery to encourage as many people as possible to engage in some form of inner work and change their lives for the better. Deha Visuals is all about showing the huge benefits of living a full and balanced life, while simultaneously allowing me to do the same. 

It has been a long road since I found myself feeling unfulfilled and suicidal. With the help of meditation, and later yoga, I have come to a place of contentment and gratitude. My vision is to live a healthy, happy and balanced life, and to encourage others to do so too.